One of my clients is running an events business (

She had all of her events listed on Eventbrite & she wanted to connect all platforms(Eventbrite, Facebook, WordPress) together.

 In this guide I will explain step by step how I integrated Eventbrite with WordPress and enabled the option to sell Eventbrite events on a wordpress website.

You can have all your events listed on WordPress and you can checkout without having to install any payment solution or use WooCommerce plugin.

If you follow this guide you will be able to get a beautiful and neat result such as this.

 I’ve been pulling my hair out at start because I didn’t know how to connect all the dots in a good way that will kinda be set and forget without a lot of maintenance later on ,so I hope this guide can help some of you please let me know if it did or if you need help don’t hesitate to ask. 

*if you see typo errors it’s due to the reason English isnt my first language , sorry for that.

What plugins you need to sell Eventbrite events on WordPress?

Download, install & activate the plugins:

1)  The plugin :Eventbrite import from here

(If you want to save time and import all your events in one go or have the option to import multiple events then you will need to buy the pro version of the plugin because the free version only lets you import one event at a time. If you’re interested in getting the pro version search for import eventbrite events pro)

2) The plugin : Eventbrite events you can get it here. You need this because you want to import your events somewhere.

3) The plugin :Raw html get it here – you need it if you want to integrate Eventbrite checkout on your website.

 Upload all plugins to your wp-admin ->

plugins section-> 

click add new it will import the plugin and when its done uploading click activate. (make sure you are uploading zip file.)

How to get your secret key (Private token) from Eventbrite

 Login into your Eventbrite account ->

click on account settings from the menu on the righthand side ->

developers links ->

click API keys and get your private token  – if you don’t have one you’ll need to create it and wait for Eventbrite to approve it.

Once you located your key  (it is called private token on the Eventbrite platform) copy it and navigate to your wordpress dashboard Eventbrite import
paste your code and click save .

Import Eventbrite events into wordpress

If you want to import all your events at once or have the option to import multiple events then you will need to buy the pro version of the import eventbrite events plugin because the free version only allows you to import one event at a time. Watch a video here on how to get event id and import Eventbrite to WordPress .

Import multiple events: you need to list all the events id one after the other, if you only want to import one then insert the one id.

If you want to import all your events in one go choose the option your events in the Import by dropdown.


If you import your events , make some changes locally on WordPress and then decide to import again you will lose all your changes! new import wipes out all other import details.

How to add Eventbrite checkout to WordPress

This is where you will need to use the Raw Html plugin you can see here how to add Eventbrite checkout after importing Eventbrite events to WordPress

Design the layout of the events, hide the map and other design stuff

Copy and paste this code in the custom css area on your website this will fix the images to look more complete for example click here

on divi its Divi->theme options->custom css


 .iee_archive .iee_event .img_placeholder{

.iee_archive .archive-event .iee_event{
@media only screen and (max-width: 920px) {
.col-iee-md-4.archive-event .iee_event{
.iee_archive .iee_event .img_placeholder{


Why do I see duplicate address details on my event

 Edit an event from the top bar

The reason you see some information twice is because Eventbrite sometimes adds automatically the suburb into the city field (on Eventbrite platform I mean) and when we import the event details it brings duplicate data. When you’re creating your events on Eventbrite make sure the city field is empty. How to fix it if your already imported? no, you don’t need to re import ,all you need to do is edit the event address from your WordPress dashboard and save it.  Thinking how the hell do I edit an event on WordPress? You have 2 ways: 1) from your WordPress dashboard click on Eventbrite events and click on your event now you can edit it. 2) If you’re using Divi or Elementor from the visual builder you click on edit event at the top of the screen- see image 6 see this video to understand how to edit & remove duplicate detail

Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out for help

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