Elementor Professional

Hey there. My name is Asia and I run web design studio. Im looking for someone to join my team.  If you want to apply for this role please dont lie about things you know how to do and be honest about your experience because i will test everything before i hire for full time. To apply for this role you will need to answer few questions and complete a test task.

The task will examine your skills with ai file and if you’re not familiar with exporting files from ai you will need to watch few videos on youtube to get this task done. I will look on how accurate is the page and how close to design what you did.

It depends on the quality of your work and your experience. Complete the task and we will have an interview to review your work and discuss the terms.

Few Questions before we begin

Please remember that i will test everything so be honest. it’s ok not to know everything i just want to understand your starting point.

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